Feminik Logistics Solutions from End to End

Professional Storage

Feminik offers a host of logistic management services and supply chain solutions. We provide innovative solutions with the best people, processes, and technology to drive uncommon value for your company. With over 20 years of experience, we understand what a vital role we play for our customers. We strive to work seamlessly with our customers as if we were an in-house department.

Cross Docking

Coordinating cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and accurate movement of both goods, equipment, and people. Feminik Logistics helps to ensure that right shipments are put on the right trailer in the right order – making sure last out is first in – so drivers don’t experience delays while making deliveries.

Professional Distribution

Feminik is among the largest third-party logistics company in Nigeria. We have a long history with a number of industries with specialized needs. Whether you are a retailer and need demo kitting services or a healthcare manufacturer with cold chain considerations, we are fully equipped for your needs.

Dedicated Warehouses

Feminik runs an Import Express service that allows our numerous customers to procure various items from overseas countries with ease and peace of mind. We pay for goods already identified by our clients and bring them in speedily while payment is made to us in local currency at prevailing and government approved rates. From various locations across Nigeria, Feminik runs a chain of warehouses (owned and leased) providing a space in excess of 50,000 square meter for your needs.

The space available for take up at a very short notice is unlimited, any where in Nigeria at a very competitive rate.

Intelligent Warehousing Solutions

Our IT support and networking services enable us to improve the information flows while boosting goods supply and delivery capacities.We shall help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain processes and identify ways of reducing costs.

Your Products are Always Available 98%
Materials Handling Equipment. 80%
High Transparency 70%
Outgoing Shipment 65%
Customer Care 90%